Lorenzo Fiori

Lorenzo Fiori

PhD Candidate

Currently my research interests range from cetacean interaction with tourism activities, to the use of small UAVs as a tool for marine mammal research.

In particular, my PhD study focuses on the behaviour of humpback whales during vessel approaches and in-water human interactions. I am also involved in the investigation of behavioural responses of bottlenose dolphins to small UAVs.

I am a marine biologist and I obtained my MSc degree at Padua State University, Italy, investigating toxoplasmosis occurrence among the cetaceans in the Mediterranean Sea.

After my Bachelor & Honours in Industrial Biotechnology, I decided to concentrate my studies on the conservation and management of cetaceans. I gained experience in cetacean photo-identification, behaviour and post-mortem molecular and immunohistochemical investigation.

I hold a CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority, Australia) Remote Pilot Certificate and my goal is to develop best practices for the use of Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) waterproof UAVs for cetacean behaviour surveys.